Ask me anything’s – Obama and the power of connection

30 Aug

Today ,

President Obama made an appearance on Reddit, and participated in a open forum ” Ask me anything” scenario. This forum allowed the everyday man to question Obama’s leadership both in terms of history and the future.

In a world where youth dissatisfaction and disaffection with politics is rife, Obama’s team have come up with the perfect strategy to connect with voters. This strategy can be seen in two ways. Firstly, Obama has allowed for a frank discussion on the challenges  of being the president,while highlighting his own human capabilities in  both a positive and negative light. However , he defended his choices over the past four years. Secondly, Obama and his team have allowed for a “personal” connection, this connection allows for the massive divide between the youth and leadership to be brought closer together. A bright move in a country with low youth involvement in politics.

Obama’s team have always been good at targetting  seperate areas of the American demographic, and I find it interesting how technology has become , and will become increasingly more important in this political connection.

Subsequently, Obama’s Ask  me anything forum has crashed Reddit … Check it out below

I think this is great, what you think ?


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